Pre-Selling Prospects Can Lead to More IUL Sales


In this webinar recording, hear how you can use turnkey marketing tools and resources to help set more appointments and turn them into IUL sales.

Find out the exact steps one producer took to:

  • Go from average IUL case size of $58,000 target premium
  • To $485,000 in target from existing annuity clients and $340,000 in target from new clients
  • And move from #317 to #7 on the life leaderboard.
  • With $1 million increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019.

The tools and resources shared in the webinar work because they help pre-sell prospects on IUL.

When you show prospective clients how they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes in retirement, they may have just a couple “buying questions” –

Then they’re ready to sign an app!

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